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1 x 30 slot Brass Encoder shipped by Thai Registered Post $30 = $8 shipping/handling = $38 Pay with Paypal by clicking the "Buy Now" button just below this box

This particular optical encoder model, with 60 slot, is for old Logitech G27´s, the one´s with the Green Box.Usually i have to readjust the hand position after catching the wheel. In this case, with the new optical encoder, i tend to think the wheel is more times in the right place for me to grab it after a spin. Сообщество Steam :: Руководство :: Warning for Logitech … The dreaded optical encoder G27 problem, how to prevent and how to fix if you are out of warranty or just want to do it yourself.Hey guys this is for the new G27 users/buyers, I bought mine about 6 months ago all new and I started having wheel misalignment while playing. Magnetic gear wheel encoder RGM2G-A Before delivery, each encoder is balanced at the nominal distance encoder - gear wheel do = 0.1mm (for M = 0.3) and 0.3mm (for M = 0.5) on85°C (up to 100°C on request) -30 ...1. By “sensitively“ adjusting the position of the encoder to the gear wheel you can set the best possible signal parameters. Controllers & Attachments / 30 Slot Steering Wheel Optical…

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G25-G27 Optical Encoder made of Solid Brass. BRASS OPTICAL ENCODERS by cm laser service. Home ... 60 Slot Brass Encoders fit ALL G25 and OLD G27 (Green Box) and OLD Driving Force GT 30 Slot Brass Encoders fit NEW G27 (Blue Box) and NEW Driving Force GT The two are NOT interchangeable. Please make sure you know which one you have before you order. Brass Optical Encoder for Logitech G27 — Steemit

This particular optical encoder model, with 60 slot, is for old Logitech G27´s, the one´s with the Green Box. The 60 slot fits all G25´s and old Driving Force GT. 30 slot fit the new Logitech G27, blue box package, and the new Driving Force Gt.

G27 Rotary Encoder | RaceDepartment - Latest Formula 1 Aug 17, 2014 · I bought the new encoder which is made out of brass. So it wont crack again. If you buy a new wheel, eventually you will get the same problem. Because the original one is made out of plastic. And although, like you said the damage seemed little. Its still for 100% sure that is causing your problem. So my advice, buy the encoder and replace it.

All g25s use the 60 slot wheel. All older g27s use the 60 slot as well - if you still have the box, the picture of the wheel on it will be red. If you have the box your g27 came in, and the picture on the box is blue, your wheel uses the 30 slot encoder (and it's probably not broken!)

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