Ibm 48 slot tape library

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NEOxl 80 Series Tape Library by Overland Storage NEOxl 80

Designed to offer outstanding capacity, performance and reliability for midrange and network tape-storage environments in a 4U form factor with 48 data cartridge slots and a mail slot Remote library management through a standard Web interface supports flexibility and greater administrative control of storage operations. Dell EMC Storage Virtual Rack | TL2000, TL4000 TL4000 tape library with LTO tape drive support. With its compact form factor, the TL4000 packs an impressive amount of information in a small amount of space. Occupying only 4U of rack space, the library can hold up to 48 tapes providing up to 288TB (with LTO-7 tape) of native capacity – ideal for environments managing explosive data growth. IBM Tape Library48 x Slot - LTO Ultrium 4

Overland Storage NEO T24 Autoloader - Backup And Archive Made Easy he NEOs T24 is a powerful backup and archive solution designed for small businesses or remote locations. Packing up to 720TB of storage capacity in a compact 2U form factor …

NEOs T48 packs up to 1.4PB of backup and archive capacity in a compact 4U form factor, making it an ideal storage solution for data centers where space is at a premium. With up to 4 Drives including the new LTO-8 SAS and LTO-8 FC drives … Tape Drive Autoloaders - LTO-7 and LTO-8 Tape Libraries from Our selection of Tape Libraries includes Quantum, Overland Tandberg, Qualstar Corp and HP. We carry the Quantum Scalar i3 range, the Scalar i3 LTO-7 and Scalar i3 LTO-8 Tape Libraries, as well as the Scalar i6 LTO-8.

The TS3200 Tape Library combines IBM tape and automation reliability at open systems prices. This model supports entry-level unattended backup and archive, open systemsSupport 48 cartridge slots. Encryption support for LTO Ultrium 6, Ultrium 5, and 4 SAS and Fibre Channel Tape Drives.

Overland Storage NEOs T48 LTO-8 Fibre Channel (FC) 4U 48-Slot Overland Storage NEOs T48 LTO-8 Fibre Channel (FC) 4U 48-Slot Tape Autoloader Part # OV-Neost488FC. Now available the LTO-8 48-slot Tape library from Overland Storage, the NEOs T48 LTO-8 with Fibre channel, contact us at for … IBM TS3200 Tape Library The IBM TS3200 Tape Library provides reliable, high-capacity, high-performance tape backup. The IBM TS3200 tape library leverages the latest generation of LTO technology to help cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. IBM Personal Computer - Wikipedia

The IBM TS3100 Tape Library ... The 4U library houses up to 48 tape ... The 2U library houses up to 24 tape cartridges (or 23 and an elective 1-slot I/O ...

Ленточные библиотеки IBM. Библиотеки Quantum-ATL.48. # of tape drives. 1-4. # of mail slots. 3. Tape drives supported. LTO6, LTO5. Minimum Capacity. Overland Storage NEOs T48 Tape Library - LTO-6, LTO-7… 48-Slot Library with up to 4 Drives installed, allowing backup capacity up to 300TB using 48 Slots and LTO-6 Tape Drives.The NEOs T48 is a 48 slot tape library with LTO-5 or LTO-6 SAS or FC connectivity. This is the T 48 Redundant Power Supply and is available at Backupworks call us at 866... IBM 3573-L4U TS3200 Tape Library 48 Slot, No Drives... |…